Sortie de la version 9.40 de TSPlus

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Sortie de la version 9.40 de TSPlus.

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TSplus 9.40 release announcement

  • Web Server improvements: The Web Server's default setting has been changed to provide a better secure HTTPS connection while increasing compatibility with more mobile devices. We also increased the maximum size for big files transfers. When the available memory's amount decreases to less than 50 MB, any new session is prohibited and the user is warned in order to warrant the Web Server stability.
  • Web Portal Windows Client: The TSplus Reverse-Proxy and Gateway User/Server Assignments now support the Web Portal Windows Client (RemoteApp and RDP mode).
  • HTML5 client: Folders can now be dropped onto Chrome to upload them to the server side. Web Credentials are now kept on page refresh as well as SSL multi-domain and large file transfer supports.
  • Free Certificate Manager: It is now possible to change the domain name of a free authenticated SSL certificate and the Free Certificate Manager has been enhanced to enter multiple domain names (e.g. "", ""...).
  • RDP Defender: The administrator can white list an IP range instead of having to do it one by one.
  • TSplus Taskbar enhancements: The system tray icons can now be displayed. Some applications are launched as an icon inside the system tray like the language selection icon. You also will be able to display your application in full screen when you maximize it, and it is now possible to set a left or a bottom margin. Using these new options can prevent the maximized application to overlap the TSplus Taskbar.
  • Universal Printer: Better detection of the landscape / portrait format, support of large documents and printing stability when some sessions are disconnected or reconnected.
  • Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This major W10 update will be available on August 2 and the 9.40 release is ready for this event.